Isnin, 24 Oktober 2011

The Comics Are Cool! event at local comic book shop, Earth638

Come and meet many local comic book artists & purchase indie comics at the Earth638 "Comics Are Cool! Event!

Oct 29th, Sat. 4-9pm. Kelana Mall.

the Facebook event page has the details! Jom semua! :)

You will want to see this very cool event teaser trailer!

  1. Books signings & sketches (for sale) 
  2. Draw night
  3. Launch of Malaysia’s 1st Indie Comic Wall
  4. Special sale on selected comics & merchandise
  5. Buy local comic books.
  6. Wall of Fame! 


(a) 415pm-515pm: Sheldon Goh, Alan Quah, Tan Faezal, Ong Chee Yang.
(b) 530pm-630pm: Gilamon (Tan Eng Huat, Slaium, Michael Chuah, Lefty)
(c) 645pm-745pm Azhar and Nizam and Eisu and the Saga Crew.

Isnin, 23 Mei 2011

Kemuncak Anugerah PeKOMIK 2011.

Komik yang di pilih sepanjang 2010..
satu pemilihan yang sukar kerna banyak komik yang baik sepanjang 2010 telah di nilai..
hanya yang terbaik ternilai dan unik bagi persada Komik Malaysia bakal di nobat 28 Mei ini.

Juga Forum Perdana PeKOMIK bermula 9 pagi bersama:
Tuan Haji Zainal Buang Hussein.
Aadi Salman
Chee Yang
Mohd Yazid Kamal Bahrain

Semua di jemput hadir. masuk adalah percuma.

Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

Update Bulan Komik, Mei 2011.

sepanjang mei ini di Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia.
aktiviti pada 14, 21 & 28 Mei 2011.
Semua di jemput hadir

Khamis, 12 Mei 2011

Atucara sepanjang Bulan KOmik 2011

Bulan Komik 2011 Poster

Teaser poster Sempena Bulan Komik 2011 di Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia.
Sebahagian dari PeKOMIKON ( komik konvensyen) dengan talk dan demo pada 14, 21 & 28 hb Mei ini.
Semua Di jemput Hadir.

Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

Bulan Komik 2011

Bulan Komik 2011 di Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia.
8-31 Mei, 2011.

Terdapat Pameran Anugerah PeKOMIK 2011.
Panel forum, talk dan demo pada 14 & 21 Mei.
Jualan komik dan promosi pada 14, 21 & 28 Mei.
Forum Perdana PeKOMIK bersama panel:
Tn Haji Zainal Buang Hussein, Aadi Salman, Chee dan Yazid di Audtorium PNM 28 Mei.
Kemuncak Anugerah PeKOMIK 2011 di Audtorium PNM 28 Mei.

Semua di jemput hadir.

Selasa, 3 Mei 2011

Bulan Komik, PeKOMIKON Mei 2011 di PNM

Walaupun agak lambat kami di PeKOMIK mendapat 'green light' surat sokongan dari pihak Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia. Kami tetap akan jalankan event comicon PeKOMIK ini.

Kali ini Pekomikon dan Anugerah PeKOMIK 2011 dengan kerjasama Perpustakaan Negara bakal berlangsung di Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia (PNM) bermula 9 Mei- 31 Mei 2011. Bertempat di ruang legar pameran Perpustakaan ( pameran dan jualan), Bilik serbaguna (talk, panel, forum, bengkel) dan di Auditorium ( Kemuncak Anugerah PeKOMIK 2011).
Antara aktiviti:
Pameran Finalis Anugerah PeKOMIK 2011, bertempat di ruang legar pameran PNM dari 9-31 Mei. 9am-8pm.

Jualan komik pada 14, 21 & 28 Mei. di ruang legar pameran.

panel, talk, demo dan bengkel komik pada 14, 21 & 28 Mei. di bilik serbaguna aras bawah PNM.

Kemuncak Anugerah PeKOMIK 2011 di Auditorium PNM bermula 9pagi pada 28 Mei 2011.



28 MEI 2011 (SABTU)

        8.30 pagi        -         Ketibaan Para Jemputan

        9.00 pagi        -         Ketibaan  Prof. Dr. Muliyadi Mahmood. 
                                      Penasihat PeKOMIK

                   -         Ucapan Alu-aluan oleh
                                      Prof. Dr. Muliyadi Mahmood. 
                                      Penasihat PeKOMIK

        9.30 pagi        -         Forum  Perdana PeKOMIK
                                      ”Eksklusif dan Profesionalisme dalam Seni Komik”
                                      Panel:  En. Hj. Zainal Buang Huseein, En. Reggie Lee,
                                      En. Chee & En. Aadi Salman

        10.30 pagi      -         Seisi Soal Jawab.

        11.00 pagi      -         Ucapan Anugerah PeKOMIK oleh
                                      En. Muhd Azhar Abdullah Presiden PeKOMIK
        11.15 pagi      -         Penyampaian Kemuncak Anugerah PeKOMIK 2011

        1.30 petang     -         Sidang media

                             -         Makan tengah hari

                             -         Majlis Bersurai

Khamis, 21 April 2011

2010 Malaysian Comic scene in Review.

Artikel ini di petik dari forum yahoo groups IACaScW
oleh Hafidz Mahpar  (Prizm)
exco Media PR PeKOMIK
writer business section The Star
Peminat Komik Tegar

ini petikannya ( forun IACASCW dalam bahasa Inggeris)

Who/what should be nominated for this year's
> Anugerah PeKOMIK, whose submission deadline ends
> today? I'd like to invite suggestions.
> Perhaps a quick recap of some events in 2010 in
> comics/cartoons will help jog your memory. (I don't
> really read the BM mags or most PTS comics, so I
> hope to leave that to Cikgu Kalam or others to review.)
> 2010 was a year with a very promising start when
> Karangkraf launched its Comix21 graphic novels:
> Saga, Senjata Elemen and Burger. At first, I thought
> Comix21 would be a good competitor to PTS, GempakStarz
> and Al Ameen, but it turned out that there were no
> other releases for the entire year! Would you
> nominate any of the graphic novels released so far?
> In February the mStar section of The Star was
> launched, providing a new outlet for local newspaper
> comics. Alif and Ben were among the comic strip
> artists featured. Are their works good enough to
> be nominated? I believe Ben also published a printed version
> of "Celestial Destroyer" later in the year.
> Anugerah PeKOMIK 2010 took place in March, with GempakStarz
> grabbing Best Publisher award and Popcorn Best Comic Mag.
> Best Comic award went to Twinx #2 by Pac, while Best New
> Comic title was clinched by John Ho's Scary Ever After
> collection (HO also netted the Best Writer award).
> Down at Pergh, there was the issue of MOY versus Ujang,
> and the Pergh boycott of Umbra, which retaliated with an
> editorial comment. Umbra has since ceased publication,
> I believe. Also, this forum has brought up the issue of
> transparency in the Creative Industry Fund allocation.
> Meanwhile, we saw the rise of the brand "Akar Creative", which
> began publishing quite a few one-off comics, such as the
> Master Doll comics by Maskey. It also published Komik Remaja
> (Kreko) and Umbra. Komik Remaja started publishing original
> local comics in November, resetting to Issue no. 1.
> Around July, Ayour left his chief editor post at GempakStarz
> after years of service there.
> Creatimango Media launched a series of 4 comics under
> Geng Cayya (similar in some ways to Smurfs) in August. These
> were supposed to be followed by an ongoing montly magazine
> called Cayyalala, but it hasn't materialised, to my knowledge.
> Creatimango also called for cartoonists for another publication,
> Krezi, which until now hasn't been out too.
> Also in August, Datuk Ibrahim Hussein's 1969 painting, The
> Dream, became the most expensive Malaysian artwork sold at
> an auction, securing a cool RM500,000.
> Two Malaysians were shortlisted for the 4th Morning Comic
> Competition (didn't win though) and some Malaysians
> won big at the International Comic Artist Conference (ICC)
> Comic Award - Lee Chak Kuen, Leong Wan Kok, and Lee Kok Ching.
> I believe, mostly for comics that were published in Popcorn.
> In September Zunar was arrested and new book Cartoon-o-phobia
> was seized. Earlier in the year, three of Zunar's other books
> were also banned. While Anugerah PeKOMIK has a 1Malaysia
> concept, perhaps 1 or 2 of Zunar's books can be nominated?
> They did have impact, right?
> Another cartoonist that ran into trouble last year was Irwan
> who drew the Irwantoon cartoon in Malay Mail. But the problem
> with TNB was subsequently settled.
> Liquid City 2 anthology, which featured a few Malaysian artists,
> was launched in October.
> I bought Marry Me and No Pink Ponies collections fro Eisu
> last year, but can they be nominated? I think No Pink
> Ponies was published first in 2009. As for Marry Me, I think it
> was released in 2008; I have since sold the book to Azhar so I'm
> not sure. But if the books were only available in Malaysia in
> 2010, can they be nominated anyway? At least Yongumix 6 can
> be nominated.
> Besides Yongumix 6, Comics Should Be Good also reviewed
> two other local self-published comics: Gilamon
> graphic novels Major Zombie: Love and Loss, and Six: The
> Rebirth. And don't forget the Wires anthology, an international
> collaboration between Malaysia's own Faezal Muniran, Nele
> Bronner of Germany and PieR Gajewski of France.
> Comixo online comics portal continued to run, while
> tried to launch its online comics portal, supposed to be up
> after Raya.
> Also notable was the debut of Saladin on local TV towards
> the end of last year, after being in the works since 2004.
> So, which comics/publishers would you nominate?
> The categories are: Best Comic Magazine, Best One-Page Cartoon,
> Best Comic Mini Series, Best Cartoon Series, Best Newspaper
> Comic Strip, Anugerah Berus Emas (Lifetime Achievement Award),
> Best Publisher, Best Writer, Best Cover, Best Illustrator,
> Best Colorist, Best Self-Published/Amateur Comic, Best International
> or Online Comic Artist, Best Comic Artist, Best Comic and Best
> New Comic.
> Anugerah PeKOMIK will be held from 11am to about 2pm on May 28
> at Perpustakaan Negara, Jln Tun Razak. Please mark that date
> on your calendar!

kenyataan ini adalah dari mata Hafidz Mahpar, mungkin ada senario yang silap atau kurang info harap di maafkan.

Sabtu, 2 April 2011

SICAF 2011 kembali

Sicaf 2011 kembali!
buat Pekomik malaysia..hantarkan penyertaan anda..
mari tampilkan karya komik tempatan ke persada antarabangsa.
Klik Image for larger size.

Khamis, 17 Mac 2011

Mesyuarat Agung PeKOMIK penggal ke-2, 2011-2012

sala sejahtera semua
bagi memulakan penggal ke 2 PeKOMIK 2011-2012.
akan berlangsung Mesyuarat Agung PeKOMIK ke 2, 2011-2012

tempat: Bilik Serbaguna, Perpustakaan Negara, Jln Tun Razak.Kuala Lumpur
tarikh: Sabtu, 2 April 2011.
masa: 2pm-6pm
jemputan: 100-150 pax. para ahli PeKOMIK, mereka yg begiat dalam industri Komik malaysia samada editor, kartunis, pelukis, colourist, inker, marketing malah pencetak juga di jemput hadir. Peminat komik dan mereka yg menyokong pembangunan industri komik juga di jemput hadir.

jamuan ringan di sediakan.

agenda utama:
1.Aktiviti PeKOMIK sepanjang 2009-2010.
2. Pembentangan akaun pekOMIK 2009-2010.
3. Perancangan aktiviti PeKOMIK 2011.
3. Pengguguran exco dan AJK PekOMIK 2009-2010.
4. Perlantikan exco dan AJK PeKOMIK penggal ke 2, 2011-2012.
5. Soal jawab, perancangan dan kemasalahan.
6. Jamuan ringan

saya berharap para profesional dalam bidang komik, dahulu, kini, amatur, part time dan juga peminat komik tempatan dapat hadir untuk membantu menggerakkan persada komik tanah air.

saya yang menjalankan tugas buat kali terakhir.

Muhamad Azhar Abdullah
Presiden PeKOMIK 2009-2010.
berharap penggal baru dengan nafas baru , presiden dan exco terbaru buat penggal 2011-2012.

Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011

Major Zombie.. Gilamon comics review in CBR

Go Gilamon team ( Lefty Julian Kam, Slaium, Micheal C2V, Slaium & Tan Eng Huat).. go and make us proud..
show that Malaysia comic scene in the world map.

Major Zombie reviewed at source from:
Major Zombie dan Six boleh di dapati di Kinokuniya , KLCC..di comic section la..
ini petikannya interview tersebut:

Every day this month I’ll be reviewing a different independent comic book, based on submissions from the creators of the comic books themselves.
The month continues with Major Zombie: Love and Loss, by Lefty and Tan Eng Huat, a real treat of a comic…

Gilamon Comics is a Malaysian independent comic book company founded by a trio of comic book artists: Lefty, Michael Chuah, and Chi Sau Lim. Recently, Tan Eng Huat (who has done a number of projects for Marvel and DC, including the very recent Thor: First Thunder series) has begun to work with them, as well. Tan Eng Huat draws the first of two stories in this magazine-sized, full-color magazine, while Lefty writes both stories and draws the second.
The gist of Major Zombie is as follows – a Superman analogue, Supreme-Man, gets turned into a zombie saving a young female adventurer. He has lost much of his original power, but he is still pretty darn powerful, and continues as a superhero known as Major Zombie, along with the female adventurer, Kaktus, as his sidekick (as obviously she feels indebted to him).
What’s interesting about this series is that Lefty, on his own, is a talented comic book artist. Here are a couple of his pages…
But Tan Eng Huat is just utterly amazing, especially when he is given free reign to go wild with his dynamic, over-the-top designs.
So artistically, this is a very good looking comic book. And that’s not even counting the strong batch of pin-ups at the back of the book, including another prominent artist from the region, Shadowland’s Billy Tan.
So, just based on the artwork, this would be an attractive book, but what really makes it work is Lefty’s story. He does a tremendous job playing up the absurdity of a world whose biggest hero is well, a zombie. He works in a number of over-the-top but clever ideas, like Rado, the autistic boy who only speaks when he detects paranormal creatures in his dreams (he is the boy shown in the first sample page).
The first story involves a popular superhero who goes to Major Zombie for help when he starts to believe that his wife (another superhero) is cheating on him.
The second story is a compelling tale about a martial arts legend who is able to transfer his power once during his lifetime, and the woman who seduces him into giving him her power. Major Zombie and Kaktus get involved, of course. Lefty really makes you feel for the old man getting seduced by a seemingly weak and beautiful young woman.
Both Lefty and Huat take full advantage of the magazine-sized pages by providing bombastic full-page action scenes (heck, if you notice the bottom left hand corner of the second sample page, you’ll notice that Lefty goes even BEYOND the borders of the page!).
This is a highly professional, highly entertaining, well-produced book.
I only wish they had better sample pages. I had to enlarge these images for them to work at all, and that makes them a bit fuzzy. I’d love to see some larger-pixel pages, especially of the Huat pages, as we only have one to go on (plus the cover).
If you wish to purchase a copy, you can go here.
The first story is 12 pages long. The second story is 22 pages long. There are 4 sketchbook pages to see Tan Eng Huat and Lefty’s progression on their respective stories. And then there are 8 pages of pin-ups.

komik kartun boleh berdakwah.Intvw bersama Prof. Dr Muliyadi Mahamood

Kartun pun boleh berdakwah

Muliyadi Mahamod bersama sebahagian daripada buku-buku tulisannya.

SEBUT nama Jaafar Taib, Lat, Cabai, Ujang, Nudin, Zainal Buang Hussein, Rejabhad, Nan, Rossem, Don, Aloy, Rasyid Asmawi, Fatah dan ramai lagi nama yang seangkatan mereka, tentu ada yang sudah tergelak atau kalau tidak pun, tersenyum sendirian.
Ingatan kita sepantas kilat akan terbayang kembali kepada kartun-kartun jenaka, lawak maut dan tidak kering gusi seperti Jungle Joke, Kampung Boy, Aku Budak Minang, Ayop Anak Tulakang, From Taiping With Love, Pendekar Mata Tiga, Tiga Gadis Pingitan, Lagak A. Mahmud dan banyak lagi.
Inilah barisan kartunis popular tanah air yang cukup sinonim dengan kemunculan majalah Gila-Gila pada 1 April 1978.
Gila-Gila melakar pelbagai sejarah penting dalam landskap perkembangan seni lukis kartun dan penerbitan tanah air dengan menjadi perintis, pencetus, penggalak, trend setter, melahirkan tokoh dan kartunis baru dan mengangkat martabat dan kedudukan seni lukis kartun dan komik secara umumnya.
Pensyarah Sejarah dan Kritikan Seni di Fakulti Seni Lukis dan Seni Reka, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Shah Alam, Selangor, Profesor Dr. Muliyadi Mahamod dalam buku tulisannya berjudul Dunia Kartun: Menyingkap Pelbagai Aspek Seni Kartun Dunia dan Tempatan ada menjelaskan dalam salah satu bab di dalam buku ini bahawa Gila-Gila lahir tepat pada waktunya ketika negara ketandusan bahan bacaan berasaskan kartun, komik dan karikatur yang kukuh.
Ia beracuan konsep formal kartun global seperti dalam majalah popular Amerika Syarikat (AS), Mad serta berlatarbelakangkan masyarakat, dunia hiburan dan komik tanah air.
Kata Dr. Muliyadi, penerbitan majalah ini ibarat pemangkin yang mencetuskan semacam kebangkitan kartun Melayu. Apabila Gila-Gila terbit ketika itu, kelihatan kartunis ada ruang untuk menyalurkan hasil karya mereka.
“Selepas itu, kita lihat penerbitan majalah-majalah lain seperti Gelihati, Mat Jenin, Batu Api, Humor, Ujang sehinggalah sekarang telah muncul majalah seperti Gempak, Utopia, Starz, Jom, G3 dan banyak lagi.
“Tahun 1980-an pula dilihat era kecemerlangan kepada dunia kartun Melayu kerana kemunculan lebih banyak penerbitan majalah, pelbagai pameran dan seminar. Kemuncaknya pada tahun 1990 ditubuhkan Persatuan Kartunis Malaysia (Pekartun) dan diikuti International Gathering of Cartoonist, anjuran oleh Datuk Lat dengan Kampung Boy Sdn. Bhd. yang berjaya menghimpunkan para kartunis seluruh dunia seperti Filipina, Perancis, China, Belanda,” katanya kepada Mega, Utusan Malaysia, di pejabatnya, baru-baru ini.
Menurut Dr. Muliyadi, seni lukis kartun mempunyai sejarahnya yang panjang. Bermula daripada lukisan pada gua, wang kulit dan media cetak sehinggalah kepada media digital.
Kata beliau, dalam tahun 30-an kartun banyak menyentuh hal berkaitan semangat kebangsaan Melayu, kritikan terhadap penjajahan, isu kedatangan bangsa dagang, perjuangan kemerdekaan dan menegur orang Melayu.
Selepas merdeka, kartun-kartun adalah berkaitan polisi kerajaan yang mahu menekankan perpaduan bangsa, konsep muhibbah, menunjukkan kesatuan antarabangsa Melayu dengan bangsa-bangsa lain dan ada juga kartun di Utusan Zaman yang fokus kepada isu konfrantasi dengan Indonesia.
“Ini membuktikan kartun sangat berkait dengan perkembangan politik, keadaan ekonomi, sosio-politik negara, pemilikan akhbar, Akta Mesin Cetak dan Penerbitan dan penapisan diri sendiri,” jelasnya.
Dalam konteks ini kata Dr. Muliyadi, kartun terus digunakan sebagai ‘senjata’ untuk memperbaiki sikap Melayu.
Selain itu, kartun terus berperanan sebagai senjata mengkritik, menyindir serta mendedahkan pelbagai kepincangan dalam isu-isu setempat dan sejagat.
“Kalau dahulu, selepas merdeka kita melihat kebanyakan akhbar didominasi oleh media arus perdana. Sekarang, kita melihat sudah adanya akhbar-akhbar alternatif.
“Ini mempengaruhi bentuk kartun agar menjadi lebih terbuka. Maksudnya, tidak semua kartun memberi sokongan kepada dasar-dasar kerajaan,” terang Muliyadi kartun bukan hiburan semata-mata.
Menurut beliau lagi, peranan kartun itu memang sentiasa ada dan sentiasa konsisten. Cuma mungkin kita mempunyai banyak pilihan sama ada melihat dalam bentuk yang bagaimana?
Contohnya, kekuatan animasi Upin & Ipin adalah pada unsur hiburan, pengajaran dan unsur jenaka yang dipersembahkan dalam watak-watak yang agak universal. Ia sesuai bukan hanya kepada masyarakat Malaysia tetapi masyarakat global.
Sebenarnya, kata Dr. Muliyadi, kartun-kartun sebelum merdeka di akhbar sudah mencerminkan unsur-unsur dakwah, contohnya mengkritik orang Melayu yang kebaratan.
“Begitu juga dengan kartunis Lat sendiri iaitu pada tahun 2001, beliau membuat siri kartun di Berita Harian bertajuk, Ayuh Ke Masjid’.
“Contohnya mengajak kanak-kanak ke masjid, cara sembahyang dan cara berwuduk. Ini sudah jelas sifat dakwah yang cuba disampaikan oleh Lat. Agak unik juga kerana sebelum ini Lat banyak menghasilkan kartun yang agak simbolik.
“Rossem pula hasilkan kartun Kristian vs Islam, Kartun Lanun, karya Ujang dan kawan-kawannya juga banyak menekankan aspek dakwah yang ketara.
“Begitu juga dengan majalah Ana Muslim dan Sayang Muslim,” kata Dr. Muliyadi.

Ahad, 30 Januari 2011

Persiapan Pekomik untuk 2011

Salam Sejahtera semua..
Selamat Tahun Baru 2011..

sejak kebelakangan ini kami di PeKOMIk agak sibuk dengan kerja dan tugas masing-masing..

Good News..
kami kembali menggerakkan dan menjadi persatuan yang akan memeriahkan persada Komik Malaysia..

Ya Pekomik bukan sahaja untuk penggiat (mereka yang terlibat dalam Industri Komik tempatan)..
malah juga pada peminat komik Malaysia!!

perangcangan kami:

PeKOMIKON dan Anugerah PeKOMIK 2011 mungkin pada 30 April 2011 ( masih dalam cadangan)..

Mesyuarat Agung PeKOMIK 2011 ( mungkin dalam Februari)..
dan macam-macam lagi..

chek us regularly..

or you can follow us at Facebook..yes we have facebook account:!/group.php?gid=34849494194

dan saya bersama ahli PeKOMIK lain telah ke Singapore Toys Game Comic Convention pada 10-12 Disember 2010. boleh cek gambar event di sana..
hmmm PeKOMIK kena buat event macam ini jugalah..:

lupa pula.. we are on Twitter too..
cek it out:

( akan cuba aktifkan blog Pekomik dan macam-macam lagi)..